Complex Systems and Collective Intelligence

A CCS’24 Satellite Workshop
September 2nd, Exeter, UK

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The “Complex Systems and Collective Intelligence” Satellite Workshop will run as part of the 2024 Conference on Complex Systems which takes place in Exeter from September 2nd-6th with a warm up event in London on August 30th-31st.

This workshop will bring together researchers interested in how to leverage complexity science for achieving collective intelligence in real world domains such as healthcare, finance, smart cities, pandemics and the environment. It will include a combination of research talks, discussion sessions and guest speakers. This event will also introduce AI4CI, the UK’s National AI Research Hub on AI for Collective Intelligence, and highlight opportunities to work with the Hub and secure funding to support research into complex systems and collective intelligence.

If you are interested in complex systems and collective intelligence, please consider submitting a paper and/or attending the workshop as a participant, or get in touch with us to find out more about the workshop and the AI4CI Hub.

Workshop Vision

To address society’s most pressing challenges (climate change, epidemiology, financial stability, sustainability, healthcare, etc.) we must be able to reliably engineer important new kinds of Collective Intelligence:

“Connected communities of people, devices, data and software collaboratively sensing and interacting in real-time to achieve positive outcomes at multiple scales.”

Whether we are attempting to minimise the impact of the next global pandemic, prevent financial instability, encourage sustainable and liveable cities, combat social polarisation and climate disinformation on social media, or integrate clinical care and social support for patients with chronic illnesses, enabling smart behaviour at the level of the individual to inform and be informed by intelligence gathered from the collective is key.

Complex systems approaches are central to meeting this challenge.

This workshop brings together researchers from the fields of complex systems, collective intelligence, AI, human-computer interaction and key application domains such as smart cities, the environment, epidemics, finance, healthcare, etc., to present and discuss work that advances our understanding of how better to achieve collective intelligence in the real-world.

Why Attend the Workshop?

For all attendees, the workshop will be a chance to:

  • hear about work applying complex systems ideas to collective intelligence and vice versa
  • connect with the collective intelligence and complex systems research community
  • learn about the Collective Intelligence and Complexity journals and explore how to publish your work there
  • learn about the new AI4CI Hub and the opportunities that it provides for collaboration and research funding

The AI4CI Research Hub

This workshop is organised by the AI4CI Research Hub, which is a research collaboration that brings together leading research groups from the Universities of Bath, Bristol, Cardiff, Exeter, Glasgow, Ulster and UCL to form an integrated centre of gravity for a growing nationwide activity combining innovative research and development, community and capacity building, career development, public engagement, research translation, policymaking and governance organised around a clear central theme: new AI for Collective Intelligence.

Contact Us

If you are interested in joining the Hub's research effort, or want to find out more please get in touch.